Aluminum AD light box


Double sides scrolling LB



Frame size

W1400 X H2000 (TBD)

Poster size

W1200 x H1800 (TBD)


aluminum profile (Depth: 245mm)


TB request

Scrolling system


Poster capacity

6 posters


6mm tempered Glass


Philip T5 tube(LED available)


Wooden case

Mass weight


Lead time

20 days


External frame material: Aluminum profile

Panel material: Acrylic

Image: Double-side display

Using life: Qualified installation will ensure normal service life Up to 10 years based on 14 hours each day.

Automatic Poster Setting function: When the power is suddenly off, the poster resets to the original position.

Poster moving time is about 4s, the stop/display time can be controlled 0~999s(adjustable)

Simple,easy installation and operation.

User can set each poster's display time from 0 sec to several hours.
No need for any sensors,no need for any marks on the poster,it just stop and display with digital controll.

Advertising Scrolling Light Box integrates, advanced mechanical, electronic and digital control technologies to achieve significant advantages in both functionality and reliability. Scrolling Light Box is a multi-image advertising or information billboard designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It can carry up to 6 posters on a scroll; controlled by a microcomputer, stay time of each poster can be precisely programmed to 1 to 999 seconds.