1) Super Slim: The thickness of LED inserted LumiSheet is 4mm (0.158”) or 8mm (0.315”)

2) Long life time & Maintenance free: Longevity of LumiSheet is more than 50,000 hours /11 years @ 12 hours a day.

3) Low power consumption & Cost saving: LumiSheet consumes upto 70% less power than T5 fluorescent lamp, and upto 30% less energy than CCFL.

4) Eco-friendly product: LumiSheet contains NO mercury and other hazardous materials.

5) Waterproof: LumiSheet is available with IP67 & IP68 rating.

6) No limitation on size and shape: LumiSheet can be made in to any shape and size upto 3000mm X 1500mm

Lumisheet is the world’s first unified lighting sheet which contains LEDs in itself as a source of light unlike the traditional BLUs (Back Light Units) which are made by putting a lamp on the outside of the acrylic. LumiSheet is produced by combining high intensity LEDs with a patented 3DV-cutting system which allows light to be transmitted uniformly and evenly across the acrylic surface. LumiSheet can be applied to various fields of industry such as Lighting, Signage Industry, Shop Display, Retail Products, and soon.

Types Of Lumisheet