ML – Aluminium Solid Front opening system only 15mm thick

Part Number Size Body Size Image Size
ML-A1-1-P A1 654x901x15 614×861
ML-A2-1-P A2 480x654x15 440×614
ML-A3-1-P A3 357x480x15 317×440
ML-A4-1-P A4 270x357x15 230×317


Solid edge framing system with front fascia acrylic panel that sits flush with the aluminium frame to provide a completely sealed solution. Front opening through the lifting of the front acrylic fascia with a suction pad. A light weight solution that is quick and easy to install. (For larger sizes refer to the KPA product range.)

Ideal for use in environments where you want to prevent the general public from being able to open the light box, such as shopping centres etc.