ML – Clear acrylic Super slim 9mm thick with 21mm stainless steel fixing rods

Part Number Size Body Size Image Size
ML-A1-1-AL A1 744x991x30 614×861
ML-A2-1-AL A2 550x724x30 440×614
ML-A3-1-AL A3 413x536x30 317×440
ML-A4-1-AL A4 300x387x30 230×317
ML-A5-1-AL A5 238x300x30 168×230


A frameless acrylic LED light box solution that makes best use of the aesthetic qualities offered by acrylic. The light radiates through the acrylic design that totally compliments the illumination of the image. It’s ultra slim design means that the panel sits just 12mm off the wall but yet only 21mm in total distance from the wall. A very clean unobstructive design.