ML – Double sided 25mm clip frame LED light box

Part Number Size Body Size Image Size
ML-A0-1-DFG A0 - -
ML-A1-1-DFG A1 881x634x25 861×614
ML-A2-1-DFG A2 634x460x25 614×440
ML-A3-1-DFG A3 460x337x25 440×317
ML-A4-1-DFG A4 337x250x25 317×230


Ultra slim double sided clip frame light box with hanging wires. Clip frame system allows rapid ease in changing graphics as well as providing a low cost solution. Personalisation can also be created through a special colour scheme for the frame to match corporate colours or a colour theme that might exist. Light weight and quick to install means that it’s ideal for all retail and temporary installations.