ML – Dual function Magic Mirror with stainless steel wall fixing bolts

Part Number Size Body Size Image Size
ML-A1-1-ALJ A1 694×941 614×861
ML-A2-1-ALJ A2 520×694 440×614
ML-A3-1-ALJ A3 377×500 317×440
ML-A4-1-ALJ A4 290×377 230×317
ML-A5-1-ALJ A5 228×290 168×230


The clear acrylic fascia provides the contemporary look and benefits of our standard acrylic light box but yet also possesses the functional benefits of the Magic Mirror. A graphics image or message can be placed in front of the mirror by removing and replacing the top acryliclayer. The same graphics can also be placed behind the mirror which has a motion sensor. Therefore from a distance a person sees an image or advertising message and as they approach the light box the illumination is automatically switched off to reveal a normal mirror without an image. Ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, hotels, shops and department stores.