ML – Frameless Magic Mirror

Part Number Size Body Size Image Size
ML-A0-1-JC A0 1295x947x35 -
ML-A1-1-JC A1 921x674x28 -
ML-A2-1-JC A2 674x500x28 -
ML-A3-1-JC A3 500x377x28 -
ML-A4-1-JC A4 377x290x28 -


Ultra-slim clean and functional panel that clearly displays an image or message. The frameless finish provides the benefit of edge to edge illumination. The graphics image is place behind the mirror so that when the panel is illuminated it displays the image in the same manner that a normal light box would work. However when a person approaches the panel a motion sensor is activated and switches of the panel which in turn changes the panel into a normal functioning mirror. The graphics image reappears once the person starts moving away from the mirror. Ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, hotels, shops and department stores.