ML – Large format aluminium clip frame LED light box

Part Number Size Body Size Image Size
ML-A13-1-L - 3115x2100x42 3000×2000
ML-A12-1-L - 3115x1615x42 3000×1500
ML-A11-1-L - 3115x1115x42 3000×1010
ML-AA-1-L 2A0 1555x1115x42 1450×1010
ML-A0-1-L A0 1265x965x42 1150×850


Standard sizes available up to 3115mm x 2100mm and bespoked sizes up to 6000mm x 2000mm makes this a very popular choice for large format images and advertising. An ideal solution where budget considerations are important and so is the need for quality performance and durability.