Round Corner magnetic light box

Product Number Size Image Size
ML-MAG-A1 A1 841x594
ML-MAG-A2 A2 594x420
ML-MAG-A3 A3 420x297
ML-MAG-A4 A4 297X210
ML-MAG-A5 A5 210X148


*Save more than 90% in power consumption as compared with conventional fluorescent lamps.
*Low maintenance, long lasting, virtually maintenance free for approximately 50,000 hrs.
*Super bright LEDs has a minimum life span of more than 50,000 hrs.
  Superior Image Resolution
*Even light distribution
*Clarity & brightness make graphics look spectacular.
 Slim & Stylish
*Slim & compact design ranging from as slim as 14 mm thickness - accommodate for space constraints.
  User Friendly
*Easy installation
*Easy in image changing
*Portable or Landscape
*Lower heat generation & No fire hazards.

Premium ultra thin magnetic LED glow-sign board, a highly convenient and user friendly product.

Maintenance free and low electricity consumption.

Frame thickness: 25mm

Material: Aluminium with powder coating.