Double Sided light boxes

Double sided LED light box, you can display posters on both side of the light box. It is a perfect item for window display advertisement. Longer lifespan the general white LED lights decay fast, so the life is difficult to meet the requirement of most users. Our solution: Jump display have developed the low decay, high-brightness LED lights to match our slim light boxes by cooperating with a LED manufacturer who has advanced technology in white LED lights. The lifespan of such white LED lights is five times than ordinary white LED lights or more. The brightness is two to three times than ordinary LED strips.
We have different types of  double sided led light box, they are double sided clip frame led light box, double sided flip frame led light box, double sided snap frame led light box etc.
Export markets:  Asia, Middle east, Africa, South Africa, UAE, Greece, Niger, Nigeria, Libya, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia etc.