Magic Mirror LED Range

What is a Magic Mirror?

This is a relatively new concept in light box functionality. Imagine, from a distance, you see an illuminated image, sign or message….. and as you approach it, a sensor is activated. Suddenly the image is gone and instead you see your reflection in what now appears to be a conventional mirror. Now you walk away and suddenly the image reappears and the mirror disappears as if it never existed.

This is a great product that provides dual functionality…. A message that works continuously and then a mirror when it is needed. Ideal for use in public environments and in public toilets.
Our Product range include magi mirror led light box, clip frame dual function magic mirror led light box, dual function magic mirror with magnetic fancia led light box, dual function magic mirror with stainless steel wall fixing bolts led light box, frameless magic mirror led light box etc.
Export markets: Middle east, Uae, Asia, Africa, India, angola, zambia, tanzania etc