ML – Clear acrylic with magnetic front only 12mm thick

 Part Number  Size  Body Size  Image Size
ML-A1-1-ALC A1 664x911x12 609×856
ML-A2-1-ALC A2 654x480x12 435×609
ML-A3-1-ALC A3 357x480x12 312×435
ML-A4-1-ALC A4 260x347x12 225×312
ML-A5-1-ALC A5 198x260x12 163×225


A beautifully smooth flush finish that gives the impression of a single block of acrylic. Available either with a black or silver acrylic fascia border and also available either with square corners or a highly beautiful contemporary rounded corner style. Irrespective of the size of the light panel it’s total depth is only 12mm.