ML10 – 10mm thick clip frame LED light box

Part Number Size Body Size Image Size
ML-A0-1-F10 A0 - -
ML-A1-1-F10 A1 901x654x10 851×604
ML-A2-1-F10 A2 654x480x10 604×430
ML-A3-1-F10 A3 480x357x10 430×307
ML-A4-1-F10 A34 357x270x10 307×220


Our slimmest clip frame light box solution at only 10mm. Perfect in an environment where space is limited. The aluminium frame has a front width of 30mm. Clip frame mechanism provides rapid and easy changing of images and graphics. It’s thinness and light weight makes it ideal to be used for temporary displays where weight and compactness for ease of transportation is important.
The KF10 is ideal for all retail and marketing applications including exhibition stands and temporary displays.